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My oil paintings carry the feeling of catching a wave, of falling in love during a magical summer, of sailing through the Caribbean with our closest friends and loved ones. These scenes are often places I’ve travelled to or have experienced near my home.

My original training was in photography, which I now use as a tool, a reference I use to paint from. For so long I felt like I wasn’t a real artist for this reason, and envied those with photographic memories. Now I understand my process on a deeper level, and I'd like to share it with you...

You see, when I remember an experience, I don’t remember details or images so much as I remember the feeling, the energy of it. When I walk through an old forest, I don’t just see the trees, I see the energy and light radiating from the trees, I am aware of the sounds, the scents, the light, movement and energy coming from everywhere, and I’m aware of a vibration and lightness within my own cells as I absorb the energy around me. I have the same experience when I interact with people; which is why I’m really drawn to people whose souls light me up. I see everything in layers; the deepest ones speak to me most vividly.

So when I want to paint a memory from an experience I had that really resonates with me, I don’t want to be distracted by the frustration of trying to pull images and physical details from my mind that I can’t remember. I need the photo reference to free myself from my mind in order to work from my heart, to allow those sensations from the experience to flow unobstructed on to the canvas. When the painting is finished, I don’t see what you may see. I see the feeling of that experience and the whole movie reel in my mind around that day. The resulting image on the canvas is just a snapshot of the entire experience.

When someone is able to see one of my paintings with an open heart and connect with it, I know it’s at a level with the energetic experience that I infused within the painting, even though they may not be consciously aware of why it makes them feel so good. After 15 years, I finally understand why and how I paint. That is the magic of art! It always has something to teach us.

Original oil painting, Playa Paunch, by Canadian artist Daina Deblette


My intuitive abstract multi media paintings are metaphysical love letters to the universe. They are conversations and expressions from a soul level that manifest organically, one mark at a time.


For so long I could not understand abstract art, like it was an iron door welded shut. Then one magical night this door was gone and inspiration and understanding came flowing forth like it had always been there.


Unlike my oil paintings, I never have a preconceived image of how they will end. Sometimes they begin with an intention, such as what does “joy” feel like? Every time I work this way, my mind is clear of thoughts, and uplifting, playful energy is generated.


I'm always happy to take custom orders. They are much more personal and meaningful. This is the perfect opportunity to work with me in creating a painting that's uniquely yours.


I have a large portfolio of custom paintings that include surf and beach scenes, cottages, vintage cars, dogs and families playing on the beach. I also paint skate decks, vintage surfboards, and specialize in boat commissions, recreating your travel memories.


This is a great gift option for a wedding or to celebrate an anniversary, birthday, retirement, graduation, treat yourself to something special you that brings you joy, or to stage a home to create that extra appeal for ocean-lovers.

Contact me for details on how we can work together to bring your vision to fruition!

Commissioned oil painting by Daina Deblette
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